Scoring Calculator

Calculate values of the missions and determine what to do.

The calulator is avalible in three formats:

  • Google Sheets (recommended): The calculator is designed for Google Sheets and best used on that platform. this requires a Google Account (free) and you'll need to make a fresh copy of the sheet if we post any updates.
    Make a copy
  • Excel download (best for offline): You can download the calculator and use it in Excel. This requires Microsoft Office (costs money if you don't already have the suite with Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and you'll need to download the file again if there are updates.
  • Use on this site (beta): You can also use the calculator straight on this website. You don't need any accounts or software and won't need to update it. However, this is not perfected software and might break at times. Use with caution.
    Use it

Use on this site